I’m on a mission to make good health accessible to all through education, innovation, justice, and empowerment.
At 3 years old, I knew I wanted to be a doctor.

At age 20, I survived a tragic accident. This event changed my life and sparked my desire to provide free surgery to vulnerable and underprivileged children in Africa.

By age 30, I was a surgeon on a mission. I created The Heart Fund, an organization providing medical services to children living with heart diseases.

Now at age 40, I am on a quest to impact as many lives as possible. I will do so by:

Transforming health
As a pediatric heart surgeon, I’m trained to treat children with severe heart conditions. I believe that preventative healthcare could help millions of people live longer, healthier lives.

Fighting for health justice
As a humanitarian, I founded The Heart Fund, a United Nations accredited international organization that provides cardiovascular care to children in developing countries.

Building the future of healthcare
As an innovator, I founded Absolutys, an NYC-based venture studio. Absolutys builds healthcare solutions at scale in partnership with entrepreneurs, corporations, and governments.

Empowering global leaders
As the creator of Generous People, my mission is to unite and empower a community of philanthropists committed to improving health and well-being globally.

David Luu, MD, is a pediatric cardiac surgeon, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He is the founder and executive chairperson of The Heart Fund, an international organization that provides cardiovascular care to children in developing countries.

He is also the founder and CEO of Absolutys, an NYC-based venture studio that builds health tech companies and counsels the world’s leaders on the future of health.

Most recently, Dr. Luu founded Hearty, a self-care platform that transforms your biometrics into personalized coaching to help you improve stress, sleep, nutrition, and performance—all from the comfort of home.

Dr. Luu lives in New York with his wife, MoAna, and their son.

In 2010, Dr. Luu founded The Heart Fund, a non-profit organization with the United Nations ECOSOCS Special Consultative Status and Prix Galien Medstartup 2018 finalist.

As the president of the organization, Dr. Luu heads up a team that works to improve the cardiovascular health of vulnerable populations in developing countries. The Heart Fund uses an integrative approach, beginning with early prevention and education, spanning through emergency open-heart surgery and mobile clinics.

Each year, The Heart Fund collaborates with over 100 volunteer experts and 120 private and institutional partners in Haiti, India, Mauritania, South Africa, and Ivory Coast.

The Heart Fund continues to save the lives of cardiac patients suffering from heart disease by investing in solutions and innovations to revolutionize their access to care.


With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare space, Dr. Luu works relentlessly all across the globe to make cardiac care accessible and educate populations about cardiac diseases. He is an innovator in the biotech and healthcare tech sectors and regularly speaks on these topics worldwide.

Dr. Luu has pioneered many innovations in healthcare, including The Heart Mobile, the first mobile cardiac clinic in Africa; The Heart Jet, a flying cardiac clinic; and several other digital health technologies for developing countries. He also pioneered cardiovascular screening tools for airline passengers and top corporate executives in New York.

Dr. Luu has successfully delivered life-saving surgical and medical programs on several continents. In partnership with local government and other private and public sectors, he has implemented sustainable programs that serve thousands of children and adults who require cardiac care.


In 2010, Dr. Luu co-founded Generous People, a movement committed to improving the health and well-being of the population through information, education, and experience.

Those who have joined Dr. Luu in his movement include Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 400 individuals, Academy Award winners, Grammy Award nominees, TIME 100 honorees, dignitaries, United Nations officers, and diplomats.

Many well-known figures have aided Dr. Luu in his quest for healthcare democracy, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Akon, Didier Drogba, Alina Baikova, Rosario Dawson, Patrice & Precious Motsepe, Jai Shroff, Len Blavatnik, Paris Hilton, Prakash Hinduja, and Remo Ruffini.


Dr. Luu holds a Medical Doctorate from Antilles University and a French board of surgery. He was a fellow in pediatric and congenital cardiac surgery at Necker Hospital and Marie Lannelongue Hospital from 2011–2014.

In 2012, he co-created the chair of micro-philanthropy at Paris School of Business. He was elected chairperson of the junior committee of the European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery from 2010–2012. He was the coordinator of research at the Aortic Center at Lenox Hill Hospital from 2008–2009.

Humanism, altruism, kindness, and generosity
Integrity, authenticity, and loyalty
Humility, resilience, and respect
Leadership, determination, and empowerment
Critical thinking, agility, and resourcefulness
Global culture, diversity, equity, and sustainability
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